Things that must be noted

In keeping with the rather random nature of my mind, I’ve made a list of things I’ve noticed in Budapest that I deem worthy of comment. Here ya go:

Pavers – the paving stones used in the squares and sidewalks are not the pissant 1 or 2 inch types used in the states. They are 4-6″ thick. They are awesome. No wonder they don’t shift.


Showers – this shower is like others I’ve seen, here and in the states. I don’t understand how it’s supposed to work without getting water everywhere. If they want you to just use it as a handheld, don’t put up any glass. If they want you to use it on the holder, make the glass go far enough back so that someone over 4’2″ can stand under it and it doesn’t splatter everywhere.


Duvets – all the beds are twins. A queen is 2 twins pushed together. There is no top sheet. You sleep under a duvet. This one I kind of like.

Tickets – they do tickets right. You buy 2 tickets to a museum. They give you 1 plain ticket. It says something like “ticket for 2”. It’s not scrapbook fodder, doesn’t cost .20 to create. When they check you in, they tear it a little. That’s it, done. Move along.

Smoking – good country for oncologists. These people smoke like crazy.

Bye bye – when they pick up on the fact you’re American, when you leave, it’s almost always “Bye-Bye”

Toothpicks – this is awesome. Nearly everywhere we’ve eaten has a jar of toothpicks at every table.

Speed of the check – don’t be in a hurry to get your check.

Michael Jackson – all restaurants play American pop music all the time, except in Germany, where we heard some appropriate techno, and Michael Jackson seems to be catching on.

The people are nice. They appreciate it if you are nice. So do I. Don’t be a tourist prick, especially don’t be an American tourist prick. As everywhere, treat waiters and staff folks kindly. It’s tough work.

Tomorrow, last half-day in Budapest, then high speed train to Vienna, short layover and overnight train to Venice.

Oh yea, we went to see La Boheme last night at the Opera House. Spoiler, it’s Rent and she dies, but it’s not Aids.

Bye-bye for now.






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