Dateline: Berlin

We are staying at a small hotel that was once a very, very large home. Pension Peters is in a fabulous location, has a great price, and a very friendly and helpful small staff. The rates include breakfast, which includes great breads, eggs, juices, coffee, tea, and jams. First rate for my bride and me. We are not five-star hotel folks, since we prefer to spend our money elsewhere. If I could make 1 improvement to our room, which is probably 350 sf with 15′ ceilings, it would be a tv greater than the 13″ job that’s about 20′ from the bed. Not that it really matters. I don’t speak German. In fact, I obviously don’t even understand the alphabet. The use what is a Greek beta, but it doesn’t mean that, so, when they do math, what happens when betas show up?

Anyway, Beth is better than Google maps. She loves finding her way around places, and takes great pride is conquering the terrain. We avoids taxis, using our feet and public transportation, because that’s always more difficult, cheaper, better exercise, you see the actual people of where you are instead of just tourists, and it’s part of the game. Our high point in that regard today was when we were stopped by a Finnish couple who asked us for directions in German. When you are mistaken for locals, you win. The truth is we both could easily pass for the local stock. With my short cropped hair which is just beginning to show hints of grey and my “doesn’t he need to shave?” full beard of 5 weeks. I look pretty much like 60% of the guys over 40 (60) here.

So we probably walked 5-6 miles today, took a bus tour of the city that took 2 hours, and now have a pretty good grasp of the city’s layout. We also went to the Checkpoint Charlie museum, which is about 4x the size you think it is, and at least that many times as interesting. A definite go see.

We determined we will not be able to walk through the Brandenburg gates, as the New Years blowout is there and the television trucks and stages and security are well underway with the set up. We plan to head that way for the fete on New Year’s Eve, and I’ll fill you in on that later.

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