2 thoughts on “ones who’ve mattered

  1. Mary Gail Doddridge

    Mark, This is from Rachel Cross Henry’s sister, Mary Gail. We wanted to let you know that she passed away on Friday, 4/17, as a result of complications from her cancer and infection. Her daughters and I were with her in her room at MD Anderson, where she’d been for 2 weeks. She (and the rest of us close family) so enjoyed your note to her back in November. Kathy Stevens Turner is coming to the funeral, but I’m not sure of others from MHS. Lots of Reynolds I expect, and Buddy is a pall bearer. Our sister Betty married George Reynolds, as you probably know. Anyway, thanks for bringing a bit of pleasure to her life in November, when she was already finding it hard to find much of that.

    1. markfrombethesda Post author

      Mary, thank you for the note. I heard of Rachel’s death and while sorry to hear of her passing, am sure that the past months have been difficult and there is some relief that has now come. I am a Buddhist and believe that as all things change and pass we choose which moments and memories we allow to shape how we view our past and that our behavior and treatment of others dictate our future lives. Rachel and I were never really close, but hers was a gentle soul and I have only fond memories memories of her. I was fortunate to have her as a thread in my tapestry. I am certain she is found in the fabric of many lives.


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