Today is Monday June 12, 2017. In the wee hours of April 3, 2016 a rather large Tulip poplar tree fell on the 1991 addition to our 1940 house in Bethesda, MD.  The damage was non-trivial.


At the time of the arbor assault I was sleeping on the side which is in the background of the photo above. My wife was cleverly on the oh so protected side nearer the photographer. She was fine. I am too – now. To provide some orientation, the foot of the bed is to the right, you are looking to the west, and some of the outdoors that is visible above will disappear when the emergency team removed the tree and shored the walls.


What you see above is the roof outside the bedroom that covers the porch on the north side – and the tree. The tree’s appropriate location was about 60 feet to the west northwest on our yard’s property line. So – not that close to the house, but not far enough away – obviously.

Anyway – it tore up a lot and today, 14 months later, work has finally begun to get us back into our house.

I thought I’d keep track of the progress here.

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