i miss bethesda’s cinema and draft house

Last night Beth and I went to see Marc Maron [the guy who does the podcast “WTF with Marc Maron” – don’t know him? – stop reading, i guess] anyway, it was at the cinema and draft house in Arlington, VA. ARLINGTON – V-I-R-G-I-N-I-A. – sigh – we had a duplicate of that theater within a 10 minute walk of our house in Bethesda until a genius developer incorporated it into his massive condo complex probably 10 years ago. Turned it into a “theatre” where one could see performing arts. Yes, the people of Bethesda, where every other house is filled with NIH scientists, lawyers from fancy schools, Ph.D.s of all sorts, and others who write their children’s applications to Ivy league day care centers on soiled hundred-dollar bills, are going to flock to a dinner theatre to see a version of The Fantasticks that wouldn’t make it in the local high school, instead of going an extra two miles into D.C. where there are nationally recognized theatre companies, or literally three blocks down the same street, where the regional powerhouse the Round House Theatre has an actual, beautiful theatre. No, it failed in multiple iterations, and currently has a marquee that says “Happy 60th birthday Saul” that has been there long enough that Saul is at least 62 now. But Marc Maron was very funny. I just wish we could have walked to his show instead of having to drive for half an hour. I know, I’m just whining.

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